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Opening Ceremony Guest Speakers

By 12 novembre 2018NCYMUN

During the opening ceremony, various guests delivered speeches. Among them, some gave us their impressions about the conference:

Während der Eröffnungsfeier haben mehrere Gäste Reden gehalten. Manche von ihnen haben uns ihre Meinungen über die Konferenz mitgeteilt :

Durante la celebración de apertura, varios participantes han hecho unos discursos. Algunos de los cuales nos han relevado sus opiniones sobre la conferencia :

Mr Studer, député du Bas-Rhin: “You meet each other, this is the most important: you are going to bond that is absolutely necessary to encourage later projects.”


Mme Giussani, représentante du Président du Conseil Régional, conseillère régionale: “The conference is important because it allows for people to connect and share.”


Mr Schwalm, proviseur du lycée Jeanne d’Arc: “This initiative is essential, it allows the youth to show the importance of motivation, of always being willing to fight in order to create a world that will always revolve around dialogue and debate, instead of war and aggressiveness.”



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